Kitchen Gadget Haul From Sur La Table

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24 comments to Kitchen Gadget Haul From Sur La Table

  • Jessica Snowden  says:

    Please could you do more baking videos?x

  • makeupdoll67  says:

    please do the carrot cake video!!! I LOVE carrot cake!!!

  • Amanda Miller  says:

    I am allergic to carrots, so sadly I have no opinion on the taste of carrot cake.

  • peacelovejoy987  says:

    Blair, please please please keep doing cooking and baking videos !!!!! :) :P ;)

  • candace montoya  says:

    i love cake !!

  • Addie Blueford  says:

    its ok …………….. i get excited too

  • Sunnybunny2006  says:

    love your Sur La Table Haul. I would love to see a carrot cake video, and brownies.

  • m1212121231  says:


  • Amanda T  says:

    Please do a carrot cake tutorial thing!!

  • TheGirl2223  says:

    I love home decor and kitchen haul videos

  • Elizabeth Martinez  says:

    Carrot cake is my favorite!!!

  • Megan Lee  says:

    i lovveeee carrot cake

  • Chocolatecoverdchick  says:

    I agree with @sweetheartbyopi and plz do hauls on random things

  • kayla pederson  says:

    you also never did the leaf cooking video atleast i dont think you did

  • kayla pederson  says:

    i love baking too and im 13 it is very relaxing hahah love this video and definatly keep doing these baking like videos :)

  • loversfire  says:

    I love baking so I understand where u are coming from I get excited with new things as well

  • JanoMeAustin  says:

    loovveee carrot cake! <3

  • LauraTB789  says:

    I looove kitchen stuff, when I go to USA, going to those kind of stores is soo nice because there are soo many different things here in brasil you can`t find!

  • Liz R  says:

    do the leaf cooking video please!!!

  • Torry Rose  says:

    please do the leaf thingg

  • Noelle Reed  says:

    more baking videos!!! <3 love this video!!! :)

  • mrsjustinbiebernow  says:

    you never did the leaf cookie tutorial…:(

  • Mia Hastings  says:

    Kitchentour please*

  • gorillabananas04  says:

    you mad bro?

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