Apple iPhone 4S Official Commercial

Apple iPhone 4S – The official commercial of the new Apple iPhone 4S.

Today we take a look at the new leather cases from Apple for the iPhone 5S. This case features premium leather with a microfiber interior to protect the fini…
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35 comments to Apple iPhone 4S Official Commercial

  • poisonivy0666  says:

    Explain this. The iphone 4s/5/5s all got JUST dual core, but the speed is
    comparable to those “amazing” high end android like gs3/gs4, galaxy note
    2/3 which all got quad core processors… NOW IMAGINE….if the iPhone got
    quad core…. What do you think would happen? ;) 

  • Dtf128  says:

    The iPhone 4S best iPhone ever made !

  • Matt Clanton  says:

    Just upgraded my old 4s to the new 5S. Never upgrade from a 5, only 4s and

  • SirGrundgesetz  says:

    Fps suck, the vid looks like a slidehow. wanted to point that out ^^

  • Hunter Watkins  says:

    I am so excited that I’m getting one for Christmas.

  • BynDStyleZ  says:

    God bless Steve Jobs’ soul. He created a masterpiece. 

  • Maren Elbe  says:

    iphone for ass…

  • Vishnu Rao  says:

    Yes, that is the real commercial.

  • Dan Boabes  says:

    New iPhone 4S – let’s know more about it.

    Watch “Apple iPhone 4S Official Commercial” on YouTube
    Apple iPhone 4S Official Commercial

  • Андрей Колесников  says:

    Ага вот ролик
    Apple iPhone 4S Official Commercial

  • John Hlavac  says:


  • J. Castrosin  says:

    IPhone 4S

  • H.G. Kasper  says:

    Das Apple iPhone 4S Official Commercial Video

  • Sascha Pallenberg  says:

    I promise you guys, that this is the real iPhone 4S commercial! ;) 

  • THERSAGAN  says:

    iphone 4S rocks

  • Marquise Hines  says:

    Yea 4s do have a good camera

  • Laurens De Haan  says:

    no the s2 is much better and faster

  • j bob  says:

    I have 5 iphone 5

  • Superstitious33  says:

    My iPhone 4S is being shipped as we speak. The wait is torture! I want it
    NOW! xD

  • mdyiya  says:

    I still love my iPhone 4S. But this year…iPhone 5S.

  • Eloise Alden  says:

    My iPhone is literally my life haha so sad! iPhone 4 forever (:

  • goonbody richguy  says:

    the iphone 5 and the iphone 4s is the same but iphon e 5 has a bigger
    screen thats all

  • Eucraick James Viteno  says:

    :) i’m loving my own 4S, but i get slight hate on its weight.

  • Samuel Alberto  says:

    music roling in the deep by adele.

  • Rayan Majeed  says:

    Thats a brilliant…. I have iphone 4s

  • itsthefunnypeople  says:

    How do you maintain the leather

  • Ivan Martinez  says:

    Does the case get dirty fast..?? 

  • Bernd Vogel  says:

    Thank you for help.

  • Charthers  says:

    Looks good thank u

  • GoGazelle  says:

    Unfortunately they will stain if you do not take care of it. With natural
    leather it will start to distress/weather.

  • kjtpopforever  says:

    Wah~ the case looks great! Does it tend to stain easily? :)

  • kmr15mhs  says:

    Anthhoonnyyy! You always so stylin’!!!!!

  • Luiz Carlos  says:

    Have you also tried the brown one? I’m not sure which one I want, but
    anyway thanks for the video.

  • GoGazelle  says:

    Not yet. I got the beige because it went we’ll with the gold iPhone 5S. The
    red looks nice too.

  • Maila vaganan.s  says:


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